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Civic Reception, Huddersfield RLFC 1962 / David Gronow Collection


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Sporting heritage is still an emerging research theme, both in academic and terms and evaluation of practice. However, the body of literature is steadily growing and includes two books, one by Hill, Moore and Wood with a focus on Sport, History and Heritage, and one edited by Murray Phillips on the representations of sporting history. Papers by Reilly, Clayton and Hughson, Sean Gammon, and Iain Brittain also explore the impact of sporting heritage on wider agendas.


In terms of practical research, the Sport in Museums Network (formally Sports Heritage Network) conducted a mapping project of sporting collections in 2006 HOOD-sports-heritage-rrm and scoped the current state of sporting heritage in 2012 Sports Heritage Network Scoping Report. In addition, they delivered a major sporting exhibition programme in line with the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the evaluation report can be downloaded here OSL Final Report 2014. Sporting Heritage programmes are developing across the country examining local collections or exploring the opportunity to develop museums, for example the National Paralympic Heritage Project. Finally, evidence from last year’s National Sporting Heritage Day demonstrated the major impact the programme can have on a wide range of agendas, for example the Nottinghamshire evaluation report which demonstrated increased sports and heritage participation, and increased tourism figures.